Training to become a certified bike tour guide

The market for guided bike groups is booming!
During the pandemic, many bus operators purchased a bicycle trailer. Many guests own an e-bike and want to get to know the country and its people.
However, there are too few bike tour guides whoknow about e-bike groups, cultural enjoyment cycling, theory and technology.
On March 24-26, we offer a course in Vienna to train as a certified bike tour guide
In this hands-on course, we’ll teach you the essentials of being a bike tour guide. You’ll also get lots of tips for everyday bike guiding, like useful apps, what should go in your gear bag, how to properly set up a bike, and how to make small repairs.
In addition, we work out the structure of day tours based on the most important Austrian river bike paths (Enns, Inn, Drau, Ybbs and Mur).

We are looking forward to your registration!
More info on our website:

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