Invitation to the 3P-DACH conference with 20% discount code

Today I would like to surprise you with an invitation and an offer.

The second 3P-D-A-CH conference will take place next Saturday and Sunday, where 19 speakers will spend two days “Taking a fresh look at being human” in German and with an understanding of the Three Principles.

I am delighted that the 3 Sydney Banks principles are becoming more and more widespread in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Hearing from so many different people about how they deal with challenges in life is a wonderful thing. Maybe it’s just the right time for you to take part in the weekend and hear inspiring stories.

As I am once again providing technical support for the conference this year with my agency, I even have a 20% discount code for you:

Maybe we’ll see you online at the conference this weekend. I would be delighted!

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