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Our first live recording 2006 at the Palmrocknight Passau

How it all began

Already in 2003 we had our first experiences to play a video wall at church concerts. This consisted of a beamer, our cameras were still analog with self-made network transmission adapters and we recorded everything on VHS recorders ­čÖé

Streaming for ORF 2006

We then had our first major streaming job in 2006. As theology students we were asked by the ORF at short notice for the World Youth Day in Cologne. Whether we can help with Marcus Marschalek’s weltjugendtags tv project.

We packed our car full of all kinds of lights, camcorders etc and drove to Cologne. There we helped to light up a studio and were responsible as cameramen for the broadcast of a concert, among other things.

From hobby to profession

Nevertheless, it always remained just a hobby. Over the years, we have broadcast party conventions, streamed funerals in case relatives couldn’t come, and repeatedly made the video wall at concerts.

Through our many years of working in tourism, we learned about the needs of guests and how to stage experiences.

During the pandemic, we then founded Hybrid Streaming in 2021 linking our various interests to create unique experiences for guests and viewers. We streamed conferences, city and museum tours, travel fairs, funerals and many other events that could only be held on a small scale locally.

The past years have changed a lot. Today, even seventy-year-old retirees participate in online meetings as a matter of course and are familiar with computers, the Internet and social media. It is standard to be able to watch videos about various products and offers on You-Tube or directly on the seller’s website.

Conferences and events will again be held on site, but with lower attendance. Many guests no longer travel specially. It has become common to have events both on-site and online. We specialize in nevertheless bringing these two groups of participants together and creating a shared experience.

It is just as important to us to integrate speakers professionally and comprehensively via the Internet. The new technologies enable us to attract people as speakers who do not have to travel long distances for this purpose and for whom there are no additional costs for accommodation and on-site support.

How to turn a livestream into an experience

Every good book, film or theater works according to the structure of a classical drama. With introductions, tension build-up, climaxes and a final phase.

In the same way, we also understand a good livestream. Participants are picked up, there is a separate moderation for the hybrid internet viewers with transitions. The broadcast also starts sometimes outside an event hall, shows all program points that take place on site and ends with the broadcast supporting program, e.g. a joint dinner or music. Just like in a drama with opening and closing credits.

We pay attention to details so that your audience is excited from start to finish.

Mini cameras

Mostly streams are transmitted with only 1-2 cameras that have a fixed image. So no dynamics. On smartphones with small screens, this can get tiring relatively quickly when viewing. Therefore, we come with 5-10 cameras to capture different angles. Especially at theater productions and concerts, we can unobtrusively broadcast the entire event with our mini cameras.

Good sound

With videos, the rule is always: sound before picture. Think of poorly dubbed motion pictures. Therefore, for live streaming, the sound is almost more important than the picture. Normally, the sound is already mixed at events and we take over this sound and mix in a bit of the live atmosphere with our microphones.
But we can also do the complete sound ourselves, you will get the cost in the offer.

Red thread

Every good book and every good movie is structured like a classic drama. The same is true for a livestream. Therefore, we recommend having a separate moderation for the Internet viewers. Who explains what's happening, engages viewers and can respond to questions.

interactive moderation

Therefore, we come with 5-10 cameras to capture different angles. Especially at theater productions and concerts, we can unobtrusively broadcast the entire event with our mini cameras.

Drones & Co

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Technique Understanders:inside

Every good book or movie is structured like a classic drama. The same is true for a livestream. We therefore recommend to have a separate moderator for the Internet viewers. Who explains what is happening, involves the audience, can respond to questions.

How We Work

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Sebastian Frankenberger

Managing director, director, presenter

Lukas Musilek

Streaming director, sound engineer, UX designer, presenter

Gerd Brandst├Ątter

Presentation designer, presenter, cameraman

Martina Mark


Steuv Loros

Server Manager

Hilvis Romtay

Product Manager

Sound technology 90%
Camera image 85%
Innovative 100%
Construction and dismantling speed 100%
Problem solver 100%
TV quality 88%
PowerPoint / Keynote / Google Slide 90%
Zoom 95%