Rome and Assisi – Dolce Vita Tour in Italy

This week I am myself as a tour guide with a tour group of @Weiermair Reisen on Dolce Vita Tour in beautiful Italy.
Rome in particular is simply always worth a trip. Unfortunately for us, the famous Trevi Fountain was being cleaned, so we couldn’t throw any coins in at all. Hopefully I will still be allowed to return to Rome once again
Because every now and then, especially in such beautiful cities and with such dear guests, I still personally take over the tour guide. Even though my employees always do an excellent job, I didn’t want to miss out on this trip to my favorite city.
For us, it continued with the next highlight; Pope Francis was in high spirits during the audience. In addition to the most important churches, culinary delights were of course also on the program for my guests. Finally, tomorrow we will go to Assisi.

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