Offer cultural events

This offer is aimed specifically at cultural initiatives and associations.

We offer a professional, cost-effective and innovative way to stream and / or record events live.

Type of event

  • Concerts, theater, press conferences, sporting events, church services, etc.
  • Duration of the event maximum 2 hours.


  • 1 x Livestream director
  • Equipment according to included services
  • Price 500,- €
  • plus Travel costs € 0.42 per km

Included services

We can only offer this very reasonable price if no complex pre- or post-processing is required.

Stream / Recording

  • Video quality 720p with 48khz at 4000 bit/sec (corresponds to the resolution of Facebook videos)
  • Recording / live editing on USB stick (file size approx. 10 GB per hour)
  • Handover of the recording directly after the event
  • Livestream on
  • Recording on YouTube account of Hybrid-Streaming (available directly after the event)
  • Optional livestream on the organizer’s website (iframe code for embedding)
  • Optional livestream on (especially for Upper Austria)


  • Up to 5 mini cameras on tripods
  • Wireless setup
  • Resolution of the cameras 1080p
  • digital zoom by cropping to 720p


  • Live editing with different angles
  • Digital zoom movements and cross-fades to match the music / mood etc

Network technology

  • Mobile 5G hotspot with unlimited data volume and maximum 50 gb/sex upload speed through Magenta
  • Directional antennas for signal amplification
  • 50m network cable to place hotspot outside buildings with thick shielding walls
  • No guarantee that internet will be available on the day of the event. So far 98% functionality in Austria.

To be provided by the organizer

We strive for the best possible cut. This requires a good briefing from the live director by the organizer with a precise schedule. Subsequent processing can be booked as an option.


  • Table, min. 80 x 60 cm surface
  • 1-2 chairs
  • Power connection at the table


  • Mixed sum tone with output level -12db
  • Left / Right or Mono
  • XLR, cinch or 6.5 jack


  • Sufficient light on the stage, especially in the faces
  • Avoidance of extreme contrasts
  • The quality of the video cannot be guaranteed if there is insufficient lighting

Optional services


  • Sound is provided by hybrid streaming
  • 2 x directional condenser microphones with Y setup
  • Microphone or cabling of the speakers
  • Up to 4 additional microphones

→ 200,- €
→ extra sound technician from 450,- €


  • Mobile cameras with camera assistant

→ 250,- € per mobile camera


  • 2 x 1000 lumen daylight LED spotlights
  • 4 x 100 mini rechargeable LED spotlights
    → 50,- €

Layout / Branding

  • Logos and fade-in, acknowledgements for the start and end of the recording / stream
  • Belly band with title, composer, performer
    → 150,- €


  • Raw film files of the respective cameras on USB stick
    → 50,- €
  • Post-editing of the cut (editing errors, color corrections, sound corrections)
  • Create individual videos of the songs and make them available on social media platforms

→ 100,- € per working hour